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1 Yorkshire lass, 1 SA guy, 1 Landrover and 6 Months – let’s see if we can make it to Cape Town! Two lifelong dreams are now becoming reality. The first, to raise money for charities close to our hearts and second, to soak up Africa!

We plan on taking our Defender 110 “Beefy” through Europe and somehow into Africa all the way down the East Coast and finally into South Africa.

The bon voyage date is set for 16th of July this year

As already proven, this adventure will be the most challenging and exciting trip of our lives!

We are looking forward to meeting some amazing people and experiencing new cultures. No doubt there will be some good times and also a fair share of bad times. As we embark on this adventure we are also trying to raise some money for 2 very worthwhile and personal  charity’s along the way. 100% of all donations  will go to the charity’s. This trip is funded entirely off our own backs : )

We will be posting regular updates, bloggs and photo’s right here on our website. So please join us as 2 Do Africa!


iZulu Orphan Project Update

Here is an update letter from the IOP (iZulu Orphan Project) founder, Kate Bain. Please have a read to see where exactly your donations are going and what it is exactly that they have recently achieved. They are doing some amazing work and really put your kind donations to good use. Please help us spread [...]

Turkey – Well not much of it…

Gemma: After having three parts of Beefy break down on us in Europe, and all of the touristy things we have done so far costing lots of pennies, we decided the best plan of action was to plough on through Turkey, straight down to Mersin (the port at the other side) in order to get [...]

Hints and Tips for Overlanders

Gemma: Now we know ourselves, when you are planning this kind of epic adventure everyone has different advice for you. We have tried to listen to as many people as possible and take some with a pinch of salt, an so far we seem to be getting along fine! Here’s  a list of  stuff you [...]


Bryn: Rolling off the Ferry, we decided to head straight to Athens, but we took the scenic route along the coast instead of the long boring motorway. It was an amazing drive! The beaches are beautiful, so we stopped every now and then for a quick dip. The temperature was still very high between 36 [...]

ITALY – Rome

Bryn: What a place! After driving down a road full of working gals, (which was weird because it was still in the afternoon) we found a campsite called Tiber. The swimming pool was a sight for sore eyes, I could literally see the steam raise from the pool water as it was boiling once we [...]

And next to Italy… Ciao!

So what have 2 Do Africa been upto? … To start with the thing we seemed to be doing the most on this trip is unpacking, re packing, and then packing again however I think we now have everything where we need it and don’t have to take out box after box just to make [...]

And we’re off…

Bryn: So the 16th of July, our launch day, was full of mixed emotions. There were tears of happiness, excitement and sadness. The date had finally arrived for Gem and I to set sails and leave for the adventure of our lives! This has been years of dreaming and planning and we could hardly believe [...]

Getting Greasy!

Bryn: At first, a simple task like changing the tire on Beefy the Landy seemed like a daunting task. You just don’t know what you don’t know! I’ve spent the last year since we bought the 110 basically studying the mechanics through ‘The Haynes Manual,’ hours of youtube videos, practising, taking things off, putting things [...]

2 Weeks To Go…

Gemma: Ok so lots to talk about, sorry we’ve been so quiet as I’m sure you can guess we haven’t had time to blink never mind get round to updating our blog. We have been busy writing articles for press, filling in form after form for the Carnet, researching kit requirements and finalising the route [...]

Update Time :)

Gemma: Hi all, just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on and what’s new. Firstly, I’ve had a Birthday and I’m now 26 and feeling rather old, thankfully we have been that busy I haven’t had too much time to dwell on it! We have been route planning, budgeting and sorting [...]